This was an item created by some of the wonderful loonies at Strolen's Citadel. The original item was the Bag of Useless Things, which produced a random object from a list of 20. Of course, as my friend Agar said, any thing worth doing is worth taking too far. So I present the complete d100 List of Useless Things. Created by Ylorea (who created the original bag), Agar, Strolen, Umbra03, Captain Penguin, and Ephemeralstability. And I had a hand in it too. If you want to read the original thread where we created it, here it is.

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  1. 1d3 chocolate cookies
  2. A masterwork sling bullet
  3. A piece of white cloth (4*4 inch)
  4. 1d8 copper pieces
  5. A small, fragile glass figure of a butterfly
  6. A 20 ft length thread of wool (getting it out takes 1d4+1 rounds)
  7. An apple
  8. 1d3 pine-apple cones
  9. A handful of grain
  10. 1d3 chocolate cookies
  11. Some cow-dung
  12. A wooden spoon
  13. A silver brooch worth 2 gp which disappears after 1d8 hours
  14. A small bronze key
  15. A wooden fork
  16. A 10ft branch from a oak tree, including leaves
  17. A gallon of water
  18. A dinner knife (damage is 1d2-1, breaks on a critical hit)
  19. Captain Penguin's [pirate] hat
  20. A taco
  21. A glove made from a mindflayer's face
  22. A copper coin that shines with the light of a torch every couple of seconds
  23. A tupperware sandwich box
  24. A bent nail
  25. An itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini thong panty
  26. A used q-tip
  27. 2 feet of toilet paper
  28. A spark plug
  29. A polyester tie with a topless hula dancer printed on it
  30. 4 cold french fries
  31. A treasure map. Features a red haired pirate in a yellow suit and red and white striped stockings leading to a pair of golden arches
  32. A barrel hoop
  33. A 2 inch cube of beeswax
  34. 12 inches of floss
  35. A dessert fork
  36. A snuff box full of dried and shredded platupus droppings
  37. Wombat bait
  38. 7 inches of plaid ribbion
  39. Finger nail clippers
  40. Five rusty nails bent and looped together
  41. A 10ft ball of string that was created by tying together varying types of string that are each no longer then a foot each
  42. Hair Piece
  43. Empty quill pen
  44. A leather bound book with only one blank page in it
  45. Crow feather
  46. Small bell
  47. Fox Tail
  48. Garter belt
  49. Broken child's pull toy (a duck that used to waddle when pulled)
  50. Half of a bandanna
  51. A cabage patch doll
  52. A half eaten rat
  53. A broken spork
  54. A belt buckle
  55. The tail of some poor creature
  56. A child's book
  57. A single peice of paper
  58. A small peice of chicken egg
  59. A frying pan
  60. Various bugs (of the dm's choosing)
  61. A bottle of ink
  62. A button
  63. A broken beer bottle
  64. An instruction manual on how to make moonshine
  65. A picture of a kitten
  66. A bag of jellybeans
  67. A chocolate frog
  68. A live hedgehog
  69. A small stuffed psychadellicly-colored elephant
  70. A box of granola bars
  71. A limited-edition Elvis commemorative plate
  72. A ladies' shoe made out of silver
  73. A moldy peice of pizza
  74. An item of appearance and function best left undescribed
  75. A small statuette of an elf
  76. A jade tombstone
  77. A very large, very ugly mismatched pair of earrings
  78. A bent brass candlestick
  79. A monkey wrench
  80. A monkey
  81. A sword encrusted with bat guano
  82. A piece of coral
  83. A severed hand clutching a live fish
  84. Half a credit card
  85. A giant 'fro wig with hair pick
  86. A small golden idol
  87. A piece of bark that smells like cinnamon
  88. A finger sized piece of adamantium
  89. A five pound box of bent nails
  90. A book bound in human skin and engraved with unnatural symbols (Put it back! Put it back!)
  91. A glass half-full of something very unpleasant
  92. A mask that looks like your face
  93. Four-hundred American dollars in pennies
  94. A jar of delicious chocolate-chip cookies labled "The Forbidden Cookie Jar of Xzargathax Zargtath zor'Tkrak"
  95. A wall plaque hand woven in red and black thread with green birds holding bones in their beaks that reads "Lord Chaos, Bless this Vile Lair of Darkness"
  96. A picture of a man being roasted in the pits of the Inferno by hideous demons that has words in blue reading "Hang in there, baby."
  97. A scroll written in a strange language. When translated, it is a nonsensical rant in the style of Happy Noodle Boy
  98. A squeaky moose
  99. A small sentient glass bead that can only speak in braille which appears on its surface. Its topics of conversation are limited to the difficulties of watercress farming and its bearing on the world economy OR a thirty-volume fourteenth century religious tract (DM's choice)
  100. A d100

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