Well, here is my collection of links. So should you decide to leave my little piece of cyber real estate, why not go here? Some are banners, some are text, but who cares? They are in no particular order, save that in which they occured to me. Constantly under construction.

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Role-Playing Resources

Free Fantasy Roleplaying Resource
I would be truly amiss if I failed to mention the great Citadel. Not only does Strolen kindly host my site, but it's also a great resource. If you need plots, NPCs, places, items, or just randomness, this site has a LOT in stat-free formats. Plus the forums, which is just about literally exploding with ideas. If you have an idea that you need help with, come here; this is what we do.

Role-Playing Tips
To say this site has a lot of tips for GMs would be a sad, sad understatement. A newsletter is sent out weekly chock full of tips, and the archives are free to browse (and hella extensive). There are so many tips on this site that Johnn Four has put together the Role-Playing Tips Encyclopedia, a freakin' cd of the buggers. He also asks for tips by readers. Great stuff for GMs.

RPG Archive
This is a massive database of plots, scenarios, adventures, NPCs, and whatever else I've forgotten. These are for every major RP system/setting/world/genre, from what I can tell. Most of them have stats, in case you don't want to make them up yourself.

RPG Gateway
This is the biggest friggin' link portal I have ever come across. Pretty much, if it has to do with role-playing in any shape, form, or fashion, they have a section for it. You can probably find most any link you're looking for here.

RPG Hoard
This site is devoted to downloads of free RPG goodies. Programs to make the GM's life easier, including generators of all types; characters and new nifty classes; fonts; netbooks and maps; and a ton of other stuff. It may take some looking to find exactly what you're looking for, but still a great place to get stuff.

Tales of Terror
This is a plotbunny database for Call of Cthulhu. I know that there's a lot of people who don't play it, but it doesn't matter all that much. The way that these are structured, it's possible to use them (either as is, or just for ideas) for any horror game. It's geared towards a modern setting, but I don't let that stop me. Great place if you're into horror games.

Crimson Hills Theatre
So this is the site for the Crimson Hills Vampire: The Masquerade LARP held in Rome, GA. I play in this one, so if you have a burning desire to see me act very strangely, this is where I am once a month.

Legendary Quest
This is a complete, free roleplaying system and assorted resources for it. The basic system, approximately three different monster books, fun stuff like that. The game is based completely on existing mythology, so players are more likely to have more than a passing accquaintance with what you inflict upon them.

More to come, eventually.



The Adventures of Bob and George
The adventures of Bob, and his brother George. But also the adventures of the characters from the MegaMan series. Lasers, time travel, demension hopping, ninjas, ice cream, explosions, and dangerous psychos with lots of firepower. This comic has everything.
I love this comic. I love it sooooooo much. Ahem. This is the grand-daddy of all sprite comics, inspiring even the great 8-Bit Theatre. This is also the comic that got me started, which is a good thing (or a bad thing, depending on what you think of my own comic). Go read it now. Seriously. Do it!

8-Bit Theatre
If you haven't at least heard of this comic... What the hell have you been doing, then?! Ahem. Sorry. This is Brian Clevinger's remarkably and delightfully twisted take on Final Fantasy 1, using sprites from the game. The team of heroes, the "Warriors of Light," is composed of: a brain-dead Fighter obsessed with swords; an evil, evil Black Mage who would dearly love to kill the rest of his teammates and tries regularly; the master munchkin Red Mage who seems to be confused as to what game he's in, and a greedy con-artist Thief who would (and probably has) sell his own father for the right price. Yeah. And they're trying to save the world.

RPG World
A band of unlikely heroes, out for adventure: the unnamed Hero, who ain't exactly the brightest crayon in the box; Cherry, the cynical (and her friends would say) reality-challenged thief with a heart of gold; Diane, former prostitute and current ass-kicking mage; Eikre, the somewhat goofy but good-looking rogue (yes, I know Cherry is the thief. But there really is no other way to describe him); and a whole bunch of others. They're out to save the world. In spite of themselves.
Yes, this is a parody of RPG games. So're a lot of things I read. But this is great. Seriously. I have quoted this so many times it's insane.

The party of heroes tries to stop the evil Khrima from accomplishing his unspeakable goals. (Whatever they happen to be at the moment.) Of course, the leader Karn hasn't got the sense God gave a chihuahua, and suffers from a mild case of Inspector Closeau syndrome. And has the attention span of a chipmunk. But his friends generally keep him in line. Most of the time.
By the great Mark Shallow. Great stuff, great stuff. Some of the best writing ever. If the art doesn't impress you, keep reading it anyway. It's great.

Antihero For Hire
Triumph City is an interesting place to live. But every city has it's dark side. Fortunately, Triumph City also plays host to the bad-ass Shadehawk, antihero and bounty hunter. Backed up by his genius inventor/hacker partner Wrench, Shadehawk is protecting the city and bringing the bad guys in, in a grand effort to pay the goddamned rent.
Another comic by the great Mark Shallow. This was started way after ADVENTURERS!, for the stated reason that Mark had a definite end to it coming, and wanted to keep doing a comic. If you were unimpressed by the art in ADVENTURERS!, the art here is a lot better.

Ban the Basics
A classroom full of sixth graders who are quite possibly smarter than all of their teachers is just inherently funny.

The Asylumantics
The daily misadventures of the inmates of the Wrenwood Asylum, some of whom may or may not be crazy.

El Goonish Shive
Aliens, transforming guns, kick-ass fights, super powers and magic, and a transforming squirrel-girl. What more can you want? Love this comic.

Ink Tank
Home of THREE COMICS! Woo! Angst Technology, the software corporation trying to make the Next Best Game. But they're gonna have fun. And as their boss is independently wealthy, they can goof around all they want. Weak-End Warriors, a group of paintball fanatics that play for the love of the game. And Sorry, We're Open, the story of a pair of brothers running a gaming store; and they're almost bigger geeks than their customers.

Penny Arcade
Mostly video game topics, but sometimes Tycho and Gabe make fun of other things, and they do it mercilessly. I particularly like the Card-board Tube Samurai series, myself. This comic is like a tiny god.

Something Positive
God, I love this comic. Sometimes, I can see elements of myself and my friends in the characters. R.K. Milholland is just that good. This is about a bunch of cynical, occasionally antisocial, and generally violent friends just trying to live without killing some idiot. You have to at least read until the introduction of Choo-Choo Bear (you'll see why). But I bet that if you do, you'll be hooked.

Weekly goodness and general space wackiness. Drawn by the mighty Ian Jones of RPG World, and written by the esteemed Mark Shallow of ADVENTURERS! The best of both worlds! Plus definite parodies, which makes everything better.

The Adventures of Spelling the Vacuum
Total insanity. It's about Spelling the Vacuum and friends, who are destined to save the world. Or something. Great comic, but not recommended for small children or the easily offended.

User Friendly
The employees of Columbia Internet go about their daily jobs, plagued by dangers (including, but not limited to: idiots, Microsoft, Cthulhu, more idiots, sentient balls of crud, AOL, and marketers).
The only way that you can't have at least heard of this comic is if you've been living under a rock, or have been without internet access for the duration of your life. (Same damn thing.) It's been going strong for years, and will hopefully be going for years more.

VG Cats
The Grand Parody of all things video game. No coherent storyline, but then, there doesn't have to be. Sometimes, the gags go way too far and are just wrong, but, hey, it's all good.

Walking is Still Honest
Just a regular guy and his friends... Actually, it's just a crazy guy and his equally crazy friends, but that is no bad thing. Prone to rants, but then so am I. I like it. I wish I could draw.

Wapsi Square
The daily misadventures of Monica, her close friends, and the Aztec god of alcohol. Is great. I love it.

The Devil's Panties
A comic about the daily life of an artist-nerd. I'm given to understand that it's somewhat biographical (no, really? Ya think?) It's mildly frightening how much I can say I recognize or have had happen to me. I guess I'm just that big of a geek.

As always, more to come.


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