Here are some of the pictures that I've drawn. They're not very good, but that's okay. Most of these are hand drawn and inked, then colored with colored pencils. My scanner sucks, so that's why some of the colors are off. Please do not direct link to these, and do not steal them, because I'll be forced to hurt you.

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Angelyssa Luna is a half-elven, half-faery princess ina a story I was working on.

Delia Siannodel
Delia was a character I roleplayed for a little while. She's a half-elven bard with a distinctly dishonest streak.

The Gemina
The Gemina were a pair of twin sorceresses. One was good, the other evil. The sword in the picture was a magical relic that played a key part in the story.

This is my representation of Grendel, the monster from Beowulf. Everything with color is colored pencils, but the black background is four dollars' worth of black ink pens.

Nathan Killean
This is Nathan Killean, a sort-of vampire, from a story I'm still working on. The only full face closeup I've ever done, and it's not very good, but I like it.

Shroom, or "What the Hell?"
I don't know what this is. I really don't. I drew this at three in the morning after writing an English paper analyzing "The Jabberwock". So I guess that's where it came from. Hand drawn and inked, then cleaned up and colored in Paint.

The Emblem of the Shadow Knights
This is the emblem I designed for the Shadow Knights mercenary unit, in a gameworld of mine.

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