Crack and Doom Productions

"You're all on crack, aren't you?"
"And doom."
"But more crack than doom."
- Hackers

So, yes. This is for things written or otherwise created by myself and my good friend Adakie (aka Hisoka and various other cosplay). Stories, possibly some art, random fun stuff like that. Stuff will be posted as it gets completed. Anyway.

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An in progress science fiction story. A sentient computer virus is threatening humanity, and the only ones who can stop it are the greatest hackers in the wold.
"... These people are the three most wanted hackers in the galaxy? The best of the best? Dear lord, we're screwed." - Judge, Hackers

This is a collection of short stories that we're considering. What if all the myths and legends in the world had to come out of somewhere? And what if the things at the bottom of all those myths and stories were still around?

More to come...

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