Welcome! I'm Ria Hawk, although that's not the only thing I'm known as. Why KnightHawk? It's a long story, and if you ask me nicely, I might tell you. The site is still very much under construction, I'm afraid, but... I'm working on that. I'm adding actual content (gasp!) at the moment, and when I get most of that part done, I'll start working on making it actually pretty.

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Okay, apparently my site gets more traffic than I realized it did. I did not realize that people would send me email, for real. The problem that arises is that I have a hotmail account, which is, of course, a magnet for spam, viruses, and madness. The practical side of this is that if you sent me email, I probably thought it was spam, and I since I don't open emails if I don't know where they come from, who sent them, or why they're there... Yeah. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone, it just never occured to me that people would actually email me. I've switched over to a different email, so that should fix that.

Holy shit. I've just been informed that I apparently get enough hits each month to eat all my bandwidth. The con pics are going to be recompressed, which should help that, and loading times (that seems to be the biggest hit). I'll probably reconfigure some stuff, maybe that'll help too. I've added the Public Service section, but it's not finished.
God, I need to update stuff. Actually, I probably need to overhaul everything. It just blows my mind that enough people come here to shut the site down. Jesus. So I'm sorry if you tried to come here in the last few days and weren't able to. Hopefully, it will be fixed.
Wow. This thing still works? Jesus. A little updating, mostly some random stuff I can do here at work for the moment, but this is part of a larger update that will probably take a while to do, given that I haven't touched the thing in over a year. Updated the cosplay page and the countdowns page. Some more stuff in progress. I really have nothing to say, except that Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest is freaking sweet. If you haven't seen it yet, do so. Now.

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